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Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Simpsons Season 20 Episode 12

Video description

No Loan Again, Naturally (8 March, 2009) ..........

When the adjustable rate on Homer and Marge's mortgage resets at more than they can afford, they must put their home up for sale. Good Samaritan Ned Flanders buys the house and rents it out to them at an affordable rate. But Homer pushes his luck too far when he takes advantage of Ned's generous land lording duties............

When the adjustable rate on Homer's home mortgage (taken out to pay for Homer's annual Mardi Gras parties) increases drastically and Homer can't make the payments, 742 Evergreen Terrace is Ned Flanders, who rents it back to least until Homer demands that Flanders repair the house.

Full Episode

The Simpsons S20E12


The Simpsons S20E12

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